Signs it’s Time to Buy New Cabinets

Whether they’ve just bought a new house, are looking to renovate existing homes, or plan on selling their properties and want to get as much money for them as possible, one of the first rooms most homeowners consider remodeling is a home’s kitchen. This makes sense since kitchens are the center of modern family lives and one of the first rooms guests and buyers alike examine when they try to get a feel for a house.

Want to spruce up an aging kitchen without spending a fortune? Read on to find out about a few of the signs that the room needs new kitchen cabinets. Replacing aging cabinets can reinvigorate just about any kitchen, and the project doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Poor Construction

If the kitchen has poorly constructed cabinets, it doesn’t make sense to refinish them. They’ll only continue to deteriorate as time passes. Instead, replace them with well-built cabinets made from high-quality materials. Visit a cabinet store chicago homeowners can trust to sell only the best products to see what’s available before beginning the renovation process.

Irreparable Damage

Minor damage, such as broken hinges or knobs, can be repaired without dramatically affecting the cabinet’s structure. If the frame or the door itself are damaged, it’s a different story. Replace the damaged cabinets and make a point of maintaining the new ones to avoid recurring structural issues.

Changes in the Layout

Homeowners who want to renovate their kitchens completely should choose new cabinets that complement the new counters, floors, and fixtures. This is especially true if they plan to change the layout of the kitchen during the renovation. Changes in layout almost always necessitate replacing the cabinets.

Lack of Experience with Refacing Cabinets

Some homeowners opt to reface their homes’ existing cabinets instead of replacing them in an effort to save money, but most don’t have the time or experience required to take on such an extensive task. Buying new cabinets doesn’t cost much compared to most kitchen renovation projects. Save some time and hassle and just replace them instead of trying to salvage cabinets that are well past their prime.

Shelf Damage

There’s no point in keeping kitchen cabinets chicago homeowners aren’t confident will be sturdy enough to hold up under the weight of food, dishes, or small appliances. If the shelves are bowing, it’s time for those old cabinets to go. Homeowners should inspect the shelves when they choose new cabinets and make sure they’re sturdy enough to hold substantial amounts of weight.


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